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  Gamers Realms  
Gamers Realms Anthology
Stories by Gamers about Gamers
  Gamer's Realms will be an Anthology of personal anecdotes about those we met playing online games. They can be humorous or inspiring or even tragic. They can be about family, friendships, love and and marriage. They can be about anything at all that struck you as interesting and notable. If you liked it, other gamers will too.

If you are not a writer don't worry. Just tell us what happened. We have ghost writers who will work with you to turn your anecdote into a story.

Please use standard Microsoft Word or just tell us in an email.

Foul language and sexuality are OK if they’re part of the story, but nothing too explicit —we aren’t looking for gore or erotica— and please, no fanfic.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please tell us ASAP if your work is selected for publication elsewhere. Multiple submissions are okay, within reason. Try to keep it to just a couple — we don’t need your entire corpus of gamer life.

We have not figured out pay yet, so your only guaranteed reward will be your written story in print, and a DRM free copy of the ebook. You keep rights to all your stories. We only want non-exclusive, worldwide, serial rights for electronics and print.

Submissions Deadline: To Be Determined.
4000 words max.
Send Submission to

For more details, and to see how else you might participate in this anthology, email